Action for Transport 2010: archive

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In 1998, the NSW state government launched Action for Transport 2010, an ambitious transport plan that would supposedly solve all of Sydney's significant transport problems. NSW government being what it is, very little of the substance, apart from the roads was actually delivered.

If you search the NSW government web sites, you'll have a hard time finding any reference to Action for Transport 2010. It's almost like they don't want people comparing what they promised with what they delivered. Small wonder that people were so cynical about the recently-announced metro system.

Fortunately, the legends at the National Library of Australia's Pandora project have been busily archiving important web sites in Australia. That means you can find some of this stuff there. Just in case NSW starts heavying these people, I've made myself some copies for posterity too. Let me know if the Pandora versions disappear, and I'll make my versions available.

Action for Transport 2010: archived documents

Archived media releases

These seem to have recently disappeared from the Pandora archive. Read into that what you will.